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5th Annual award ceremony highlights environmental progress and rewards 10 schools for exceptional projects each taking home a prestigious award form a diverse range of categories 21st Jun 2015

5th Annual award ceremony highlights environmental progress and rewards 10 schools for exceptional projects each taking home a prestigious award form a diverse range of categories

In celebration of community engagement with environmental sustainability, Bee’ah, the Sharjah Environment Co, held the 5th annual Sharjah Environment Awareness Award (SEAA) ceremony; organized by the Bee’ah School of Environment (BSOE) team, at Al Jawaher Reception and Convention Centre on the 4th of June 2015.


Speaking on the success of the SEAA ceremony, Meera Taryam, Director of Environment Services & Education at Bee’ah said; “The level of professionalism demonstrated by this year’s nominees was outstanding. We were looking for significant involvement and interest in both the environment and in the pursuit of sustainability; all of the participants revealed exceptional knowledge of our core philosophy and found creative methods to communicate this beautifully to our panel of judges.” She continued by expressing her gratitude to all who took part, saying: “Participants exceeded our expectations and proved their level of understanding to be exceptional. We saw highly innovative ideas exploring solutions to some of the most pressing environmental issues in addition to creative projects developed to spread awareness about the issues we are passionately pursuing in the region.” Meera Taryam went on to acknowledge the participants who did not win, saying “Even the participants who did not leave with an award should be extremely proud of their efforts, everyone at Bee’ah was extremely impressed by the quality of work demonstrated by all nominees”.


Successful projects included Al Noor International Private School, who won the Grade 1 – 6 Eco Creative Arts category by focusing on environmental knowledge and developing the school itself into becoming an eco-friendly area to practice green approaches such as installing solar powers to generate electricity in the classrooms.

Al Nukheilat Primary School won the Grade 1 – 6 Environmental Solutions category with extraordinarily innovative work by designing, building and utilizing free spaces in the school and turning them into a beautiful environmental city that has several dynamic educational corners that can be used for learning and fun.

Our own English High School – Girls won the Grade 7 – 12 Environmental Awareness Campaign category by creating an eco-club that took a creative approach to raising awareness on biodiversity and the harmful effects of pollution by performing energetic street plays and organizing various environmental activities within their school and community.

Al Thaid Secondary School for boys won the Grade 7 – 12 Environmental Solutions category after finding a way to solve the problem of infertile soil, lack of electricity and water in Al Thaid area by using solar panels to power the turbines and grow the crops in their school.

Rawdat Al Soundos were winners of the Best Environmental kindergarten category and the Outstanding Teachers category was won by Anjum Hassan of Delhi Private School, while the Outstanding Students category was won by Rohan Kapur of Delhi Private School.

The ISRC winners are as follows: Small Schools Category, 1st place – Al Sahwa School and 2nd place – Al Moghaidir School. Medium Schools Category – 1st place – Sharjah Model School (girls) and 2nd place – AL Hilaliyat School. Large Schools Category – 1st place – Sharjah Indian School and 2nd Place – Our Own English High School.

The award ceremony was host to a growing target audience, which has continued to expand year after year and now includes selected VIPs, invited school boards, teachers, students, corporate partners and supporters and the media. As Bee’ah moves towards their future vision for Sharjah, it is vital to harness the support of the community through a shared cultural understanding and a common desire for environmental protection. The SEAA has proved once again to be a powerful vehicle for environmental awareness and supports the latest developments created by the Bee’ah School of Environment. The relationship between Bee’ah, students, teachers and the wider public continues to thrive and the SEAA is a beacon for progress in the emirate as Bee’ah moves closer to the long term goals of environmental sustainability in Sharjah.

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