Inter-School Recycling Competition

The inter-school Recycling Competition is a fun, interactive way to spread environmental awareness and encourage students to learn about waste reduction. All participating schools will compete against each other to see who collects the most paper, plastic, and aluminum materials. The competition will run from November 2017 until May 2018. 

At the end of the competition, schools that collected the most recyclables will win cash prizes accordingly:



1st place

2nd place

3rd place

Small School

Less than 400 students

10,000 AED

4,000 AED

2,000 AED

Middle School

1000-400 students  

15,000 AED

7,000 AED

3,000 AED

Large School

Over 1000 students

20,000 AED

10,000 AED

5,000 AED


  • Fill the Inter-School Recycling Competition registration form  

  • The form must be submitted before the deadline 12th of November 2017. 

  • Only schools in Sharjah and the eastern region of the Emirate of Sharjah can participate in this competition.  
  • As a participating school, IF you don’t already have recycling bins, you will receive bins that will only be used for collecting dry recyclables.
  • Dry recyclables include: paper, plastic and aluminum materials.
  • Rinse the containers and make sure they are empty and dry before placing them in the bins.
  • When the recycling bins are full, Tandeef will schedule collection on a weekly basis or as often as necessary.
  • Tandeef will visit your school as often as necessary, for weigh-ins and collection.
  • Please contact Muhammad Hasim Kathiri from Tandeef for any assistance or inquiry  – ( 050 6355184 )
  • Primary point of contact between Bee’ah , Tandeef and the school
  • Will be present during weigh-ins. Weighing of recyclables will be done be Tandeef on the spot during collection.
  • This contact person must be available throughout the competition to monitor and make sure the recyclables are weighed fairly.
  • We will post the results of the weigh –ins at the beginning of each month on our website.
  • You will also be able to see how well other participating schools are recycling.
  • Please continue to check your, and other schools recycling progress regularly to see where your school ranks in the competition, and how much more you need to recycle in order to win the competition


Let’s get started!