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Delhi Private School, Sharjah

For me as a Project Coordinator and Team Leader working with my team towards the Sharjah Environment Awareness Award (SEAA)was a platform that organized me and strengthened my capacity to extract my inner potentials.

I delved deep ino the shortcomings ,the voids and worked towards it,till we succeeded to our finest. Today I thank the BSOE Team for having given us this opportunity to do our bit towards the Environment and guiding us to make our school a, sustainable one.
With the continuous association and efforts of Beeah School of Environment ,I am sure very soon we shall be able to change the mindset of the community and make them better human beings to create a better planet.

My best wishes to the BSOE Team and I look forward to many more such ventures with


Anjum Hasan

Project Coordinator and Mentor

Delhi Private School, Sharjah
Principal, DPS Sharjah

It gives me immense pleasure to gratefully acknowledge how Bee’ah School of Environment (BSOE), the educational arm of Bee’ah, the Middle East’s unrivalled integrated environment and waste management company, has stood us in good stead in our endeavors to mould a green generation empowering our teachers through an open access portal of the apt kind of content and teaching tools thereby enabling them to groom their students into environmentally responsible citizens.

The BSOE program with its cascading effect spread its impact deep and wide through the entire community, passing its message of the three Rs, namely “reduce, reuse and recycle” from students to their domestic environment and from there to their siblings and companions around. The unprecedented e-waste reuse initiative the teen inventors of this school unveiled in the form of an exhibition of amazingly aesthetic artifacts, morphed out of the dreadful heap of campus electronic waste, was indeed inspired by BSOE’s environmental awareness campaigns. No student of any class or age can be exempted from the responsibility of contributing to the sustainable development of their country and community, and this institution has been able to adequately motivate its students for this task with the generous environmental educational support of BSOE.

We indeed have a sincere word of praise and appreciation for BSOE’s accomplishments in addressing UAE specific environmental educational concerns and wish the organization consistent triumphs in all its future endeavors.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely Vandana Marwaha

Principal, DPS Sharjah
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