16 November 2017
Put your creative hat on and get ready for our two major competitions!

Put your creative hat on and get ready for our two major competitions!

6th November 2017


You perhaps remember our older competition called SEAA, a Sharjah-wide school competition that awarded the best environmental solutions by schools and students.

Its journey started 7 years ago and continues this year with an expansion that will allow schools across the entire country to participate. Only this time, it’s known as the Environmental Excellence School Award (EESA) and it will be more challenging than ever!


We are super excited to launch the EESA, which means every school in the UAE now gets to participate in it. More schools mean more students and more students means a whole lot of ideas!


The official press conference to announce the launch of the competition is happening on Sunday, 29th October at Fairmont Hotel in Dubai.


As for our other favorite competition, the ISRC – Inter-school Recycling Competition, this will continue as usual, with participation open to Sharjah Schools. The competition will encourage students to learn about waste reduction and collect as much as paper, plastic, and aluminum. The competition will run from November to May.


We just can’t wait to get started! Hope you are all as excited as we are. Best of luck!


For more details on the EESA and IRSC, please visit the Competition section.