16 November 2017
Memories from Last May!

Memories from Last May

6th November 2017


With the launch of the EESA and ISRC competitions, let’s take a moment and recall the last ceremony.


Last May we celebrated the remarkable efforts of the students and teachers who amazed us with their extraordinary ideas. The journey of the competition lasted six months. It included frequent school visits, workshops and lots of judging and assessing! With over 250 registrations, the judges had a tough task!


The students and teachers came up with brilliant solutions related to the theme “climate change caused by air pollution”. As for the ISRC competition, lots of recycling was done from the huge amounts of the materials gathered from the schools.

Seeing the passion and the commitment of the participants was very inspiring to all of us.


And then it was the moment of recognition.


With nearly 300 teachers and students gathered to celebrate the love for the environment, the ceremony started with a motivational and inspiring speech by His Highness Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Ali AL Nuaimi. And then with 20 award winners for the both competitions (SEAA and ISRC) the ceremony continued and the celebration of the amazing achievements carried on.

Food, coffee, music, photo booths, and lots of entertainment were offered. The success of the ceremony was something to be proud of.


We look forward to share with you our next success with both competitions being launched with an expansion that allows students and teachers from all over UAE to show their love for the environment and their creativity. The more ideas, the greener our planet.


Till the next success