07 October 2021
Back to school

We welcome you back to the school after a long gap of almost two years. We missed you, and we are pretty sure you missed us as well. Online classes didn’t just keep you away from Covid, but they also kept you away from your school, your friends, your teachers, and all that fun which you have in your school. Back to school after two years will be like a new beginning for almost all the students. The new academic year awaits you with a whole new set of surprises, fun, games, workshops, interactive sessions, and most importantly, environmental knowledge. We have committed ourselves to compensate you for all the fun and knowledge you missed in your two years. The backbone of our portal remains the same, and we are always committed to delivering our students and teachers with the best experience of knowledge sharing and career development. The website contains all that you can imagine learning about related to our environment. We are thriving every day to make our portal more creative, attractive, interesting, and most importantly adding more knowledge to it. We conduct various games, interactive sessions, quizzes to increase the knowledge of our students. You can have a look at our education adventures and journey by browsing through our gallery section. A popular section in the website is our knowledge filled magazine "Green Generation". It features the latest developments around environmental issues taking place globally. Also, it contains information and photos about the latest events conducted by us and details about the upcoming events. We also encourage our students and members to interact not just with us, but with each other as well in order to explore more things and get insights in our own "Meeting Room". This feature has gained immense response lately, especially during pandemics. Our portal focuses on our main Moto which is environmental conservation. We look forward to your support in joining hands with us in this noble cause for the benefit of every one of us. The contribution of every single human towards society counts. And we are here to prove that even a good cause can be achieved in a way that can be fun and enjoyed by all. Bee'ah school of the environment thanks all the students, faculty, and other stakeholders for being part of this continuing journey and keeping us motivated all the time. So, let's pledge together for more learning, more development, and more knowledge. We are more than eager to see you soon in our fun workshops and visits to schools.