Environmental Excellence School Award

Now in its 10th cycle, the Environmental Excellence School Award (ESSA) is a flagship competition of the Bee’ah School of Environment. The EESA aims to challenge and encourage students to find creative and innovative solutions to the environmental challenges of today. First launched in 2010 as the Sharjah Environment Awareness Award (SEAA), the competition has grown extensively, now recording participation from more than 400 schools across the UAE.

This award aims to increase environmental awareness amongst students from KG to Grade 12, and to encourage the youth to actively participate in environmentally educational activities within their school systems and promote self-initiative.

  • To promote environmental education amongst students and instil values, knowledge and skills, which lead to positive behavioural changes that support the school and the environment.
  • To instil values of positive behaviour and sense of responsibility among all students in accordance with sound environmental practices.
  • To encourage all students to actively participate in their schools’ environmental activities and promote their own initiatives.
  • To educate students about the UAE environment and global environmental issues.
  • To promote students’ attitudes towards greening their school through environmental initiatives.
  • To encourage schools to invest time and effort in creative environmental initiatives.

The judging committee will comprise of environmental experts and Bee’ah representatives. ​​​​​​

  • Only schools which are under the Ministry of Education are allowed to participate in the award.
  • Schools which won the award previously may apply for nomination again this year.
  • Teachers and students who won the Outstanding Individual Achievement Award in the previous year may not apply again this year. They will be able to apply in the year after that.  
  • The project must comply with the set criteria, and non-compliant projects shall be excluded. We also reserve the right to remove an entire category from the competition if we believe that none of the projects submitted meet the criteria.
  • The project must be related to marine life & water resources
  • The project and its activities should occur during the 2019/2020 school year.
  • The documents and attachments submitted must be in one copy (electronic version in a USB flash drive).

The theme revolves around an environmental problem in the UAE, and the schools’ role is to find solutions for the problem through their submitted projects. The theme for 2019/2020 is “Preservation of marine life & water resources

The marine environment in the UAE is the main source of fishes, so we must work together and find solutions to the problems that are facing the marine environment and to find innovative ways to preserve them and preserve our water resources.

This year, schools need to focus on marine life and water resources and work on projects related to the theme. ​​​​​​




Project Description


KG - Grade 2

Best Environmental Storybook & Song

The teachers can share their environmental knowledge by teaching the students the importance of

preserving marine life and the water resources by writing a story and writing an environmental song that includes an environmental message

1st place 15,000 AED

2nd place 10,000 AED

3rd place 5,000 AED

Grades 3-5

Best Environmental Science experiment Teachers can share their environmental knowledge by teaching the students how to conduct environmental science experiments 

1st place 20,000 AED

2nd place 10,000 AED

3rd place 5,000 AED

Grades 6-9

Best Environmental Film Students can embrace a lighter and more fun way to communicate environmental messages by creating either a movie or a documentary that sends a powerful message to its audience

1st place 20,000 AED

2nd place 10,000 AED

3rd place 5,000 AED

Grades 10-12

Best Environmental Invention  Reduce the problem through an innovative green invention   

1st place 25,000 AED

2nd place 15,000 AED

3rd place 10,000 AED


(3 winners)

Outstanding Individual Achievement

The Outstanding Teacher leads by example, encourages action, and has a desire for all his/her students to possess the required knowledge for bettering the environment

1st place 15,000 AED

2nd place 10,000 AED

3rd place 5,000 AED


(3 winners)

Outstanding Individual Achievement

The Outstanding Student shows strong leadership skills, encourages action, and motivates their peers to get involved in the quest to preserve Mother Nature

1st place 10,000 AED

2nd place 7,000 AED

3rd place 5,000 AED


Grade Criteria Link
KG – grade 2 Best Environmental Story & Song Link
Grade 3 - 5 Best Environmental Science experiment criteria Link
Grade 6 - 9 Best Environmental Film criteria Link
Grade 10 - 12 Best Environmental Invention criteria Link
Outstanding Individual Achievement Teacher category criteria Link
Outstanding Individual Achievement Student category criteria Link


Details Date
Start of EESA Registration 8th September 2019
Registration deadline 26th September 2019
Training Workshops 6th, 8th, 13th October 2019
Projects deadline 26th January 2020
Judging period 28th January – 11th February 2020
School visits

18th February – 5th March 2019

Award Ceremony 22nd April 2020 (Earth Day)


Training workshops will be conducted for the schools to explain the competition’s rules and criteria.

The below timeline shows when these training sessions will take place:

  • 6th October 2019: Dubai, Ras Al Khaima, Fujairah
  • 13th October 2019: Abu Dhabi
  • 15th October 2019: Sharjah, Eastern region, Ajman, Um Al Quwain

The schools will have a period of 4 months, from October till January to work on their projects.

All projects must be submitted to Bee’ah’s head office personally or through a courier before the deadline 26th January 2020.

The judges will review all submitted projects in-house, where they will shortlist the top submissions.

This judging period will be from 28th January – 11th February 2020

Once we have the list of shortlisted projects, we will conduct school visits to judge the projects on the school premises.

The school visits will be during the below period:

School visits: 18th February – 5th March 2020

Number of school visits:  

  • KG – grade 2: 6 schools
  • Grade 3 – 5: 6 schools
  • Grade 6 – 9: 6 Schools
  • Grade 10 – 12: 6 Schools
  • Outstanding teachers: 5 (Office interviews)
  • Outstanding students: 5 (Office interviews)

The judging committee will be visiting all the shortlisted schools to determine the winners.

An awards ceremony will be held on Earth Day 22nd of April 2020 to congratulate and award all the winners. (Date subject to change)